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A Gentle Soul

Miss Kelly Lee / @miss_kelly_lee

Photography by Truc Truong / @Imagesthatyoulove

Such an absolute honour to have you on FHM! Could you give us a bit of background on where it all started and what you are currently working on? Thank you, such an honor to be able to have this opportunity! I was born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire. On a lake and a farm. I was inspired to model when I was very young, (about 8 or 9 years old) when I picked up a Victoria’s secret catalog on my Grammies coffee table. I looked at the models, and saw how beautiful, confident, and smart they must be to have made it into Victoria Secret. I was amazed. So, I did everything I could in my power to build my modeling career and have lots of fun doing it in the process! It’s been such a wonderful journey so far. I have been living on a sailboat for the last 3 years while I’m not traveling on the road, I am island hopping on a boat! Right now, I am working on a couple of big projects. I am not able to say too much about them at the moment, but they are very creative, unique, and have been inspiring me to work my magic in many different ways! I’m always working on my upcoming travel dates and gigs and exploring new cities and counties I haven’t been to yet. It’s amazing the number of projects and opportunities that are out there for models, designers, and photographers! One of my favorite things about being a traveling model, is the amazing connections I make. With some of the most wonderful people! From all different cultures, backgrounds, and creative standpoints. So amazing to be able to connect with so many, build forever friendships and meet outstanding business partners. Besides just modeling, I am also an artist. I haven’t been able to finish one of my paintings in a few months because I’ve been traveling so much recently. But I will be painting again very soon! Working on some great wall canvas and mural paintings, I also make dream catchers, and Jewelry as well! 

What is your idea of a really good time? My idea of a good time is anything that brings me peace and feels aligned with my life in that moment. I absolutely love to spend time with my beloved dog, reading, time alone, time with friends, modeling is always a good time! I enjoy camping, hiking, boating, sailing, beaching, surfing, snorkelling, figure skating, roller blading, exploring new places, restaurants, making food, tasting fine wine, learning new things, building, creating, singing, dancing, I even like to build fairy houses and Forrest houses and decorate them with flowers and leaves, making and designing my own clothes and costumes, absolutely enjoy any day on any boat, out in the sunshine! 

Top 3 best moments of your career? My last hoorah living in New Hampshire… I walked the runway of Boston Fashion Awards event in 2019 just before moving to Florida on the sailboat. That was a great event, and I made so many wonderful connections Events! I can’t say just one… It’s so tough to choose. But a huge steppingstone my myself, and probably most models in their career are the big events with tons of other models, photographers, designers, makeup/hair artists etc. I have made some of the most lifelong beautiful friendships with other models and artists, and for every 1 person you meet, there are at least 10 opportunities for you. Whether it just be a friend who wants to help you out for a place to stay while you are traveling, or photographer who connects you with his friend who owns a yacht and wants to put together a big yacht photoshoot. I’ve been asked to audition for roles in upcoming TV series as well!  You never know who you will meet, and how many doors you will open for yourself. Some of my favorite moments in my career, are simpler, nothing to big, but it’s when artists, models, and photographers want to and are excited to come to me on my sailboat, and get some creative sailing shots, also just having a good time, food and drinks, music, and island chilling! Those are my favorite moments. 

What would you say is your signature look? Definitely on a beach, wearing a bikini, doing my hair flow pose like a mermaid!

What is the fastest way to get a smile on your face? -My dog. When there’s sunshine, and you say let’s go on the boat, or to the beach! I also smile when people smile at me or when someone compliments my dog. Acts of simple kindness, example, holding the door open at the store, helping anyone, even if they aren’t in “need” it’s so wonderful to see things come from the heart. Trees make me smile. Crystals, stones, rocks, seashells. Everyone in my family knows these are the perfect gifts for me. Makes me smile every birthday. It makes me smile when people ask me for advice. 

What are some of your favourite outdoor activities? Well, I live most of my life outside. I eat outside, do most of my modelling work outside, walk my dog outside, read, sunbath, camp, hike, rollerblades, surf, swim, snorkel, climb trees, parties, sometimes even sleep at night, swinging on a hammock on the boat. I feel as if I’m barely indoors at all! 

3 ultimate deal breakers when it comes to men?  Wehave to be on a similar level spiritually. I’m not one who’s attracted to fancy things and money. There are too many men out there who try to impress with money. And that’s not me. I see myself with someone who has a deep spiritual connection with themselves and the world. Humble, and down to earth

– emotional intelligence is key for me. So, when unhealed traumas start destroying the temple we have, it’s not going to work 

-deal breaker… My dog… If my dog doesn’t like you…. Then sorry, probably won’t work out 

Never have I ever…made a proper CD with my singing.

– never have gone paragliding or sky diving.

– never have been to Hawaii, and Bali. although one of the top destinations on my bucket list. 

Top 3 myth busters when it comes to models? Each model and models’ path is so much different. and there are so many subcategories of the industry, so I will speak on behalf of myself and the direction I took within the industry. 

Myth: all models are bougie and dumb. Absolutely not! So many, the majority of which I have met in my circle, are super humble, down to earth, small-town girls who are trying their best to succeed in the career path they chose! So many models are unbelievably intelligent. Looks aren’t everything… Hard work, dedication, and a lot of acquired industry intelligence, learning, trial and error occur. It’s a business… You are the product and service. But we don’t have to look at it like that. There’s so much underlying work that goes into each model’s career, and each project they do. It becomes a mathematical equation to figure out schedules, timing, hours, and numbers. Contacts, contracts, laws, accountant work management work, and agency (whether you are your own agent or not) It’s a full-time job to keep up with emails and inquiries, and social media accounts.  Commitment is necessary, to get up and be on time (early) for shoots. To be able to plan at least 2-3 months ahead for travels. Coordinating when and where you’ll stay, transportation, downtime etc. It’s not as easy as just looking pretty and snapping some shots. I know they’re out there, but I personally have yet to meet any bougie, dumb model. 

Myth: models get to keep the design they model. Unfortunately, it’s not always that way. In some cases, yes, we get to keep things, most cases no. These designs are needed for more upcoming runway shows, and magazine shoots. It costs a lot for the designer to give away free clothes. It’s also not necessary for most things. Modeling things like lingerie, and most bikinis I am able to keep. As sharing those items isn’t always wanted by most. I travel with a huge selection of my own wardrobe. I make sure to always have a variety of colors and looks, along with various different shows to match. 

Myth: all models are millionaires. No. Not all models are millionaires. You have to start somewhere! Like all businesses. I look at modeling in a professional manner, start small, grow big. How often do you hear about an up-and-coming business that made 1million + on their first day? Not many do. It’s the same concept. As a new model, when first starting, you can set your rates to how you feel fit to what you bring to the table and your worth is. As you grow, you make new connections, and bigger projects are coming your way, you will start to see progress in your income. I understand that certain models do actually make multi millions a year. But they got into some of the top projects of all time. Like Victoria secret fashion shows, and of course every famous celebrity, will make 1million in just one photoshoot. There are all different levels and stages of this career. I relate this so similarly to a small town band, who has so much potential and talent, who is just trying to make it! I wish blessings upon all artists to have their big break! 

What is the best way to approach you as an admirer?  Please be kind, and non-sexual. The one thing that will turn me away from anyone in heartbeat, is when I am spoken to like a play toy of some sort. I am annoyed often of dirty, sexualized comments. The best approach is from the genuine heart! 

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? Currently the best platform to follow me on is Instagram: @_miss_kelly_lee_I am currently working on developing my own website, I will announce on my Instagram account when that is ready to view! 

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? I am always looking for new sail boats and yachts to shoot on! Real inquiries only by email listed on my Instagram!