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Key to your Heart

with Amber sweetheart / @amberjsweetheart 

Photography by Mike Cohen / @mikecohenphotos 

MUA Stephanie Emma / @stephanieemma.makeupartist 

PA Larisa Christofoletti / @fofoletti

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Such an absolute honor to have you feature on FHM! What has your journey as a certified bombshell been like so far? It all happened so fast, I’m kind of overwhelmed by it sometimes. I feel grateful to be where I am and have the amazing support system and fans I have. I absolutely love all my online boyfriends and have built this amazing relationship with them! I refer to all my fans, followers and supporters as boyfriends.

We are blown away by your drive and professionalism, can you tell us what some of the things that motivate you to stay on top of your game are? I really feel connected to my boyfriends, it’s an amazing relationship where we really lift each other up. When they are not having the best day I’m there for them and vice versa. So I always have this amazing environment full of love to look forward to and inspire me to do the best I can in all aspects of my life at all times.

Top 3 best moments of your career? Well, I don’t know if it counts but definitely my first time ever sexting after my breakup. It just opened my eyes to an entirely new world and got me where I am today. Second, I would say getting my book deal, that’s not an opportunity I ever thought I would get in a million years, especially with a subject like sexting that is just so me. What readers will get in this book is a little bit of me in those pages and hopefully, it will resonate well with them. Third, I guess the opportunity to model for FHM. The experience has been amazing and that’s another dream I never thought was possible, am I’m a big dreamer, I really think most things are possible, but a cover for FHM just never even crossed my mind to ever be a possibility *laughs*.

What is your favorite chill time activity? Definitely yoga and exercise. These are my roots, I was a yoga teacher before OnlyFans and Fansly and even though it’s not my profession anymore, I’m never giving up the practice. It keeps me grounded and relaxed, It makes all stress go away and makes me overall happier.

We are taking you out on your ultimate date and we really want to knock this one out the ballpark, what would that entail? Take me to an activity-filled day, a fun one too. I like to think of myself as someone who lives life to the fullest, so if you take me to have a fun new experience I’ll enjoy it. But I’m warning you, it can be tricky to find a fun new experience I haven’t had!

What are, hands down, your absolute favorite things to do? That’s a tricky one. Let me see…Yoga, sexting, writing, trying new things, having new experiences…I also love that moment where you find out something about something or someone you are obsessed with and you just can’t help but open your eyes really wide and giggle a bit, kind of like the sensation of coming through a piece of information that’s so irrelevant in the great scheme of things, but at that moment, it just feels so important.

3 ultimate deal-breakers when it comes to men? I tend to stay away from guys who are too close-minded and full of prejudice. I also don’t really like guys who try to put a woman down, so if you insist your ex is crazy, I’m out!

You have one last chance to do something you have always wanted to do, with no limits on anything, what are you doing? I actually have this bucket list of places I wish I could just move to for about 6 months to experience it fully like the most local tourist ever.

Where would you say is your favorite place to be in the world and why?  Honestly, my bed. * laughs * It’s just that I’m always so busy working, my bed has become this holy grail in which I wish I could just be lazy and spend more time at. 

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? You can keep up with me on my Instagram account @AmberJSweetheart, my Twitter account @AmberJohanson_ and I’m always available to chat on my new Fansly account @ambersweetheart.

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? If you are not being appreciated, leave. Don’t matter if it’s a relationship, a friendship or a platform. No one deserves to feel rejected for being themselves… Dream big and believe in yourself! Do you, babe!