For Him Magazine

Reaching for her Dreams

with Jacqueline Romero

Photography by Caleb Chic

PR by MUSE Media Publishing

Hey Jacqueline, tell us a bit about yourself – background, your brief life story and career so far, etc… I started off with pageants, It really was an accident how I became Instagram famous or known. I come from a Mexican background both my parents are from Guadalajara. I am a proud Latina and I truly want to continue to represent my people in a big way. I am a middle child of five, growing up we were very poor and it was hard. Since I was little the entertainment industry has definitely been set in my heart, I just never believed I could do it. I feel like my career thus far has pushed me in the direction that I truly want to go to, definitely a lot more surprises in store. A lot of what has happened in my career has been manifested and in the beginning, people thought that I was crazy, they definitely don’t think that now. A lot of why I have not given up is due to my parents.

Do you have any nicknames? What do your friends call you? People call me all sorts of things. Mainly if it’s on a professional level it will be Jaqueline, friends tend to call me Jacky or Jay. I am just starting to refer to myself as Jacky baby.

What’s the best thing about your hometown and why? The people in Dallas are truly the reason why I miss it so much. All my family lives there and it’s extremely wholesome. 

Tell us about this shoot – where, when, what you enjoyed about it, etc…? I truly loved the shoot because it’s me in my natural habitat I am a triple water sign so I am a cancer Pisces Pisces not sure if you guys are into astrology I’m not so much but it’s fascinating to me to know why I love water so much. My Photographer Caleb It’s truly an amazing person and I was so happy that I was able to work with him on this project.

How did you get into modeling? It was honestly an accident where one photographer spoke to another photographer and it snowballed from there, I’m truly grateful. Definitely not the average or typical model I tend to be more on the curvy side but I love my body and I want to represent women that are fully figured.

What’s been your career highlight thus far? My career highlights have been moving to LA which was a drastic move for me and finding out what I truly wanted to do with my career. Also being featured on OnlyFans and MyTextDaily was huge (and of course this FHM cover). I have a couple of surprises in store for you guys I can’t speak about at the moment but keep your eye on it.

What’s the best thing about having Instagram as a tool? Definitely Instagram is the best tool in this day and age especially from my career it catapults it to another level of maple to use it as a channel to reach thousands in my case a million people.

How do you usually deal with negative criticism from followers? I don’t, I simply ignore and I hope that they have a better day.I do have my days that it definitely does come to mind when that happens I just try to realize that those are all their opinions and they’re entitled to them.

What are the best and worst things about being a model? I feel like the best thing about modeling is the ability to speak to people through photos or art. Definitely, the worst part has to be being categorized as a bad person or someone that’s not intellectually there because of the stereotypes.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Food? Bad comedies? My guilty pleasure is definitely binge-watching series on Netflix that is a horrible habit to have her pleasure to have because I am not a regular binge-watch her like I will not go to sleep trying to figure out what’s going to happen. And I do love food so maybe overeating sometimes I do that a lot.

Favorite movie quote? Waiting for you it’s like waiting For rain in this drought, useless and disappointing. That’s from a Cinderella story. 

Favorite travel destination? The Maldives hands down that was the first place I’ve ever been to, haven’t traveled much looking to change that. 

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the word ‘FHM’? Sexy and elegant come to mind when I think of the name. 

What would you say is a common misconception people have about you? The most common misconception has to be that I am like other models or that I am a bitch once they meet me they totally always apologize and see how shocked they were that I am how I am.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? If I could live anywhere in the world I wanna live in multiple places in this world but I definitely do not mind traveling I if I had three set homes one in Dallas for sure one in LA and one in Miami or somewhere in Florida and then I was to travel to different places on earth I would be the happiest person alive.

What’s the best way for a man to win his way to your heart? What drives me crazy when a man does this is when they are completely honest and upfront about everything. They have to be as or more ambitious than me, and with a heart of gold that loves to help others. 

What’s one thing you wish guys understood about women? I wish Man understood that communication can solve so many issues and reassuring their women is the key to a lasting relationship.

What’s one feature you absolutely love in a man? I love their eyes and their smile.

If you took FHM on a date, where would we go and why? I will take FHM to the Maldives I feel like I would’ve wanted that experience to have been with a person that means a lot to me or on a date.