For Him Magazine

Reveals Her Sensual Side

with Aimee Spiers

Photography by Luis Gomez – @Universe137studios 

How excited were you to be the cover of FHM? Very grateful, thank you. FHM is a whole new category of magazine for me, fitness is such a huge part of my life so this magazine cover is a great accomplishment for me. I love that I have the opportunity to be in a fitness model in this incredible men’s magazine.

Modelling is a big part of your life, could you tell us what inspired you to start and what your journey has been like to get to this point? Modelling became my full-time career in 2017 shortly after I was asked to be on a billboard for a club in Vegas. A few weeks after the advertisement ran a well-known photographer from New York discovered me and asked if I wanted to get into modelling. I never had seen myself as the model type but I agreed to give it a try. After a few photoshoots I went viral online and started getting booked as a model internationally for print, events and conventions.

You look incredible, what are some of your favourite ways to work out? Thank you, my daily workout is cardio followed by weight lifting. Leg and abs day is my favourite but I also love being outdoors. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking when the weather is just right!

We would love to get to know you! Describe to us what a day in the life of Aimee is like? When I am not touring around the world or guest bartending I dive back into being a homebody. I work from home as a live streamer dressed in cosplay. I have lots of costumes and wigs and occasionally I stay in full character all day long just for fun. Family is very important to me so any spare time I get is dedicated to pool days, games and hitting the gym with family.

What are some of your favourite things to do? My favourite thing to do is explore. I love going to new countries and experiencing other ways of living, eating, religion and culture. Naps on the beach, massages, and more delicious food please!

You’re glamorous and fun, what would you say makes you the happiest? It fills my heart with joy when I can brighten someone else’s day. When I am able to do something to cause a positive effect in someone’s life or teach someone something that can help improve their quality of life it fuels my happiness and makes me feel whole. 

Turn-ons. When someone has a high work ethic, displays common sense, street smarts and uses proper grammar I can hardly resist. It may sound weird but I am turned on most when someone wants to be healthy with me, constantly upgrading to a better version of ourselves together, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This gets me so hot. Perfect teeth, honestly I look at people’s mouths for my first impression. Any perfect smile, fake or real, I love it.

Turnoffs. It’s a turn off for me when people get drunk, I don’t drink alcohol so my tolerance for drunk people is low. Tobacco of any kind is another turn off for me, I have never dated anyone that smokes cigarettes and I refuse to be with anyone that doesn’t value their health. Another huge turn off for me is when people brag about money, if it’s not going in my bank account then it doesn’t affect my life.

What makes you tick? I love beating the odds, I am constantly striving for not only self-improvement but also improving my environment for those around me. If I can’t leave a person, place, or creature in a better condition than I had found it then I shouldn’t be there at all. If I am constantly moving forward and spreading a healthy positive message then I have a purpose in life. I refuse to live without purpose.

As an established model, what advice can you give aspiring models out there to help them achieve their dreams of doing what you do? My best advice to aspiring models would be to always protect your brand, it’s ok to be picky and decline offers from companies or photographers if their style or genre doesn’t fit your goals or likes. Be firm with your goals and aspirations and don’t compromise your vision by settling for less than what you deserve.

Thank you so much for sitting with us and letting us get to know a bit about you! Any last words for our readers out there? You are incredible, don’t let anyone stop you from achieving all of your goals. Don’t care too much about what other people think, if it’s not physically hurting anyone then keep doing what feeds your soul and makes you happiest.