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Julia Faye West

Can you tell the readers a little about yourself? My name is Julia Faye West and I’m an all-American of Dutch, Irish (and yes, even some Swedish) decent. I’ve enjoyed modelling, acting, film producing, parenting and animal rescuing. I live by the beach in Playa Vista, California, with my son and our dogs. I’m currently enjoying a spirited journey into all aspects of wellness. 

As I study to complete my health and wellness coaching certification, I’m also an avid researcher creating a new wellness brand. This coincides with an upcoming YouTube channel that’ll be covering all such similar topics. A podcast of comedic conversations with cool people is in my future as well. I see humanity moving into more consciousness as a collective, which also means “healthy is the new hot!” I’m here to help spread the word and raise awareness. I look forward to bringing value along with love and laughter, which truly is the best medicine. I’m a sensualist; I deeply enjoy all five senses and experiencing the world around me. I also enjoy simply being by absorbing the beauty of every present moment as often as possible.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Wisconsin but came of age in California.

What’s your favourite thing about modelling? I love being part of the entire process. It’s an art form and an energetic exchange.

How do you stay in such amazing shape? I’ve discovered the benefits of establishing a customised self-care routine which allows me to stay in shape even while being a big-time foodie. I generally stick to a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting, especially after bouts of social enjoyment and indulging. I also do about a half-hour of cardio a few times a week, and yoga or pilates.

What are some of the highlight moments in your modelling career so far? I can reflect on countless memories highlighted by excitement and laughter while creating such loveliness together. My times shooting with Brian B Hayes are always exceptional. He’s a phenomenal genius at his craft and he’s so much fun to work with. I especially loved our photoshoot for the cover of Maxim, Dubai. We did our photoshoot at The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. I was dripping with glamour in a golden gown made by Herve Leger. It was absolutely to-die-for and the results were breathtaking.

 What does a guy need to do to get your attention? If he’s not trying he’ll be more likely to catch my attention. Or if he is paying attention, showing conscious attentive interest and being genuine. That’ll get a smile out of me.

What has been your craziest first date experience? I had a gentleman take me to Tiffany’s and literally propose. He seemed quite serious wanting me to choose a ring to buy right then and there. When I said “no, no and let’s go,” he said, “to where, Harry Winston?” That was pretty funny.

Can you describe your perfect man? He’s masculine and strong, gentle and wise. He’s a perfectly imperfect human being who loves me like I’m a rose in full bloom with him. Always. And I adore him just the same. That’s perfection.

What do you find most attractive about men? Everything manly I suppose. What can I say… countless things. I’m all woman and I very much appreciate the opposite sex.

What should a man never do in the bedroom? Never assume he knows just what to do or what his lover wants. Never be mechanical or carelessly go through the motions. Mirror your mate instead, while giving passionate presence.

 What do you find are three of your biggest turn-ons? The way he smells, tastes, and touches are such vital turn-ons. I’m also sapiosexual. Smart is sexy. So is warmth and kindness. Was that more than three? I don’t know, haha oops!

Can you describe your perfect date night? Being in good company is what really matters. We could meet at a nice restaurant and then share a stroll somewhere lovely thereafter. We’d end our time together with an exquisite kiss that takes our breath away. That’s a dream date for me.

What’s your favourite sport and do you have any favourite teams? I appreciate all sports and enjoy watching anything from kids sport games to the Olympics. I’d like to go to a Lakers game and football is fun too. I especially like when The Rams or The Green Bay Packers win.

How can our readers find you on social media? Soon everything will be new, so, for now, you can find me at my Instagram @JuliaFayeWest and follow my new YouTube channel, Wellness101 (where healthy meets fun!).

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Photographer Brian B Hayes – @brianbhayes_photo