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The Captivating Vivvy Ferreira

Model Vivvy Ferreira / @vivvy_ferrari

Happy to have you at FHM! Any interesting projects this year? Yes, I am getting ready to compete in the WBFF which is a federation of Fitness models where everything is judging beauty, body and costumes well known for unifying glamor and fitness and recognized worldwide and I will compete in the world edition in Las Vegas where will be competitors from all over the world. I am so excited for this.

Best place you’ve ever been in the world? Paris I loved everything there the romantic atmosphere that has the environment, the food lol especially the croissant lol and the Eiffel Tower and the most wonderful museums.

What are some of your biggest dreams that you hope to achieve? I already reach a lot of them, now I just want to have a family and good health to live many years of my life enjoying what I achieved with my family.

What helps you decompress and relax? I love doing physical exercises, it relaxes me and I start the day with a lot of energy and happiness. And of course, traveling, discovering new places, drinking wine and going to beautiful beaches where I feel revigorating energy.

Who was the most influential person in your life and why? My mother, always fought hard to conquer my space and be a great woman, she taught me a lot to fight for my goals and today I am a winning, happy, prosperous woman with goals to conquer the world.

How romantic are you? Huh, I am not very romantic, but I try to be the best company at all times. I am affectionate and loyal.

What was the most vivid date you ever had? When I arrived in the USA I am very grateful to be able to be in this country, it has always been my dream to live here, and today I can only thank you.

What makes you the best partner to have? Loyalty, partnership, pleasant woman with good humor, sexy, affectionate, intelligent.

Would you rather be loved, celebrated or admired? I’d rather be respected.

Are you a city traveler or a nature explorer? a city traveler.

What’s on your travel bucket list? Dubai, Greece and Thailand.

Where can our readers contact you and stay up to date with your work? My Instagram @vivvy_ferrari.